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About Woodside Gardens

has been offering services to develop, improve and maintain natural landscapes for over 20 years.  As landowners we have a choice to make.  We can landscape our property in the traditionally way of a foundation planting around our house with a big lawn or we can choose to work with nature and landscape our properties in a way that reflects a more natural look.

If you choose a natural garden, you will not be alone.  Today, for many obvious reasons, more and more people are choosing to have a commitment to nature and a lifestyle that is more friendly towards the environment around them.  By allowing nature to work with you, your property will be more diverse, it will be rich and beautiful.  You will also put less stress on the environment by reducing your need for fossil fuels and man made chemicals.

Natural landscaping does not mean letting everything go and giving free reign to the plants in your yard.  Many plants need care when young and cannot compete with invasive and aggressive species of plants.  It does take time to develop a natural landscape, allowing the desirable plants to take hold and grow into the natural and beautiful landscape you in vision.  Once established a natural landscape is much less work to maintain than the cold sterile looking landscapes we see in most yards around our communities.