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Hosta ( Lucy Vitols Plantain Lily )

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( Lucy Vitols Plantain Lily )

The cultivar, 'Lucy Vitols' is a small, spreading perennial with thick, cupped and puckered yellow leaves with green veins and blue-green edges. Funnel shaped, lavender flowers are irregularly spaced on straight, leafy 18 inch stems in the midseason. Hardy perennials for shaded gardens with large, bold leaves often marked with contrasting colors. Leaves range in shape from round to lance-shaped, and colors can be yellow to green to blue, often with white, yellow or green marginal markings. Wonderful contrast when planted with small-leaved plants, adding texture to the landscape. Slugs and snails love hostas!

How to Grow this Plant:


Cultivar:Lucy Vitols  
Size:Height: 0 ft. to 0 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 0 ft.  
Plant Category:ground covers, landscape, perennials,  
Plant Characteristics:low maintenance, seed start,  
Foliage Characteristics:medium leaves,  
Foliage Color:green, yellow-green to gold,  
Flower Characteristics:long lasting, showy,  
Flower Color:pinks, purples,  
Flowering Time Range:Mid Summer to Late Summer  
USDA Hardiness Zone:3 to 8  
AHS Heat Zone:Not defined for this plant  
Light Range:Part Shade to Part Sun  
pH Range:6 to 8  
Soil Range:Some Sand to Mostly Clay  
Water Range:Normal to Moist  

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