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Cucurbita maxima ( Lower Salmon River Winter Squash )

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Cucurbita maxima
( Lower Salmon River Winter Squash )

Beautiful pink turban squash, with thick orange flesh. There is a great variety in shapes, colors and types of squash, making them fun to grow. Growing pumpkins can be a great project for kids. The vines need plenty of room to sprawl, although some can be supported on a trellis. Summer squash or pumpkins should be sown indoors in flats in short season areas, 3-4 weeks before the night soil temperatures have warmed up. Seedlings should be gradually hardened off. Plants prefer rich, compost enriched soil. They will cross pollinate within their species. After harvest they should be ripened for 30 days in a cool location.
Important Info : Mature in 94 days. Rare.

How to Grow this Plant:


Cultivar:Lower Salmon River  
Size:Height: 0 ft. to 0 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 8 ft.  
Plant Category:annuals and biennials, edibles, vegetables,  
Plant Characteristics:decorative berries or fruit, edible flowers, prostrate, seed start,  
Foliage Characteristics:coarse leaves,  
Foliage Color:green,  
Flower Characteristics:showy,  
Flower Color:yellows,  
Tolerances:heat & humidity,  
Flowering Time Range:not applicable  
USDA Hardiness Zone:undefined  
AHS Heat Zone:Not defined for this plant  
Light Range:Sun to Full Sun  
pH Range:6 to 7.5  
Soil Range:Sandy Loam to Clay Loam  
Water Range:Normal to Moist  

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