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Zinnia elegans ( Pinwheel Zinnia )

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Zinnia elegans
( Pinwheel Zinnia )

'Pinwheel' is a powdery mildew resistant variety. Flowerheads are fully single, and 2 inches across. Flowers are pink and white. Outstanding, annual prized for its profuse display of stunning summer flowers. Lance-shaped leaves are narrow to broad, and bright green, to 3 inches long. Mixed blooms to 5 inches across, in brilliant shades of pink, yellow, white and peach, with many small petals. Thrives in sunny areas. Ideal for annual for the beginner. A must for the cutting border. Powdery mildew can be a problem in humid areas such as the South. Plants started from seed around the 4th of July seem to have less of a problem. Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms.
Important Info : A second sowing in mid-summer, ensures continued flowering and often has less powdery mildew problems than earlier sowings.

Size:Height: 0 ft. to 0 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 0 ft.  
Plant Category:annuals and biennials, landscape,  
Plant Characteristics:edible flowers, seed start,  
Foliage Characteristics:medium leaves,  
Foliage Color:green,  
Flower Characteristics:long lasting, showy,  
Flower Color:pinks, whites,  
Tolerances:deer, drought, heat & humidity, pollution, seashore,  
Flowering Time Range:not applicable  
USDA Hardiness Zone:undefined  
AHS Heat Zone:1 to 12  
Light Range:Sun to Full Sun  
pH Range:5.5 to 8  
Soil Range:Some Sand to Clay Loam  
Water Range:Dry to Normal  

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