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Peperomia metallica ( Red Tree )

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Peperomia metallica
( Red Tree )

These evergreen, sometimes succulent houseplants may be either rosette-forming or erect with trailing stems. Though peperomia produce greenish- white, panicle-like flower spikes, they are grown primarily for their foliage. In warm, sub-tropical or tropical areas, these plants maybe grown outside as a ground cover. Indoors, they require bright indirect light, but do tolerate low light. Water moderately during summer and sparingly during winter with water that is room temperature. Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer. Though you hear that these plants favor daily misting, it is not necessary, especially if room is not overly dry. These plants like to be a little pot bound. Outdoors, grow in well-drained soil in partial shade. Peperomia metallica is upright and bushy with elliptic, dark red leaves, each with a wide silver stripe down the middle. Bears spikes of red flower. To 8 inches tall, 6 inches wide.

How to Grow this Plant:

Size:Height: 0.5 ft. to 0.67 ft.
Width: 0.33 ft. to 0.5 ft.  
Plant Category:ground covers, perennials,  
Plant Characteristics: 
Foliage Characteristics:evergreen,  
Foliage Color:red to burgundy, silver to cream,  
Flower Characteristics:unusual,  
Flower Color:reds,  
Tolerances:heat & humidity,  
Flowering Time Range:Late Summer to Late Summer  
USDA Hardiness Zone:10 to 11  
AHS Heat Zone:Not defined for this plant  
Light Range:Part Shade to Sun  
pH Range:5 to 7.5  
Soil Range:Sandy Loam to Loam  
Water Range:Normal to Normal  

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