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Here on A Plants Home: A Homesteaders Guide, the site is dedicated to giving helpful details about all things to do with living on your few acres. Or even acquiring your new land, which can feel like a daunting task. The first question anybody asks is: how do I make the most of the environment I am now living in?

It is true that many people dream of this lifestyle: purchasing a few acres of land, growing their own food, keeping a few animals and learning how to live rurally after years in the city. The trouble is that hectic schedules can tire you out, to the point you curl up in your duvet and play games on Cheeky Bingo or watch your favourite TV program, rather than pro-actively work towards your goal.

This site can help you understand what you need to do. Sometimes you just need that little push towards research and knowing if it is really for you or, when already living the dream, how to jump each hurdle you come across, and stay up.

The site contains helpful advice, information and tips to give you a hand in finding your footing with 'the simple life'. It details the ways you can make improvements around the house, how to take care of the environment you have purchased and even what types of things you can grow and how to do so. The trick is in the know how.

So have a look around and soak in the knowledge you need or find useful for future reference. Come back soon.